Our school

UnknownThe first goal of the EuroTour is to present to foreign universities this school and the training it offers.
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Excellence, passionately :

ISAE-SUPAERO is a worldwide reference for education and research in aeronautics, space and related systems. And it is because it is related to the aviation community that the school ask its students to present their school during the EuroTour…by plane, of course !

The institue provides high-level training courses : ISAE-SUPAERO engineer course, master of science degrees and doctoral degrees, leading great career opportunities : scientific and technical studies, research and development, logistics, consulting, finance.

ISAE-SUPAERO also provides some link between teaching and research, through developing, promoting its research activities and because of its proximity to prestigious organizations (ONERA, CNES, Université Fédérale de Toulouse). The institute is also in touch with industrials, so that its training courses fully meet their needs.  Internationally, ISAE cooperates with the best European and North American Universitites (more than 80 partnerships).

The Campus

Located within Rangueil Scientific Complex, south of Toulouse (700.000 inhabitants, 140.000 students, 3rd students’ city, European Capital of Aeronautics), the Institute has an ideal setting :

  • proximity with various research organizations & aerospace industrials,
  • nearly 1.700 students on a 22 hectares, brand new campus along the Canal du Midi,
  • various sports facilities : pool, tennis court, squash court, a gym, sports field (rugby, soccer), a climbing wall,
  • student residences and catering on site,
  • a privileged environment (South of France, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea, and close to the Pyrenees ski resorts).

In addition to the dynamism of the city, ISAE-SUPAERO enjoys an extremly intense and dense associative life, and allows passionate students, like those in EuroTour, embarking or practicing aeronautical activities (Private Pilot Licence, gliding, skydiving, drones,…).