Our Taxi : the TB-20 F-GSAO


We are going to spend a week carried by F-GSAO, a TB-20 Trinidad, CN 1801*.

Here is some information about our taxi :

  • Manufacturer : Socata (located in Tarbes, France)
  • Production years : 1981-2010 (2200 built)
  • Configuration : lower wings, semi-monocoque metal construction
  • Seats :
    Front : 2
    Rear : 2-3
  • Engine : 1 Lycoming IO-540 (injection, 6 cylinder, 250 hp)
  • Propeller : 2 blade Hartzell 80 inches, constant speed (variable pitch)
  • Fuel : 100LL, total capacity 336 l (autonomy : 5.5 hours)
  • Weight :
    Empty : 900kg
    Maximum : 1400 kg
  • Performances :
    Climb rate : ±1200ft/min
    Max. cruise speed : 301 km/h
    Economic cruise speed : 268 km/h
    Take-Off Distance : 635 m
    Landing Distance : 555 m
    Maximum Crossable Distance : 2053 km*Construction Number

Did you know ? The Aerospace Center of ISAE-SUPAERO owns the F-GSAO. It is mostly used for education and conducting flight tests. Therefore the TB-20 has been specially modified in order to host a fight-tests processing unit. A long orange anemometer perch can be seen on the right wing. This is not the only additional installation on FGSAO : on the same wing, wool yarns were installed to better visualize the stall phenomena. Inside, the processing unit gathers data from about 20 sensors installed in the aircraft (dynamic and static pressure, temperature, GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, angle of attack sensor, etc). This data is accessed using a computer (or Windows tablets), rather by saving them or accessed in real-time thanks to the software developed by the research teams of the Institute.


The TB-20 Cockpit.

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